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Be a part of the new "Gig Economy" with a new look profile.

Show what matters

Less is more, show what actually matters and make it count with a PinUpp.

Simple is good

We like simple too and PinUpp is as simple as it gets. Try it, its easy and free.

Customize Everything

Change logos, change titles and create multiple profiles for different gigs.

Lead with a PinUpp

Make a good first impression with a smart cool profile. Showcase your brand.

PinUpp for Everything

  • Do one for yourself or your family members
  • Do one for your summer job or part-time gigs
  • You part of a team ? Do a PinUpp for your team
  • ...and why not do one for your pet you know they deserve it.
  • PinUpp for Everything
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    • Show off your super skills
    • Highlight your experiences
    • Show them your 'X-Factor'
    • and market your brand #mysummerjobpinupp
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  • Ask us for ideas
  • Smart cool info-graphics

    Create your own unique PinUpp and stand out from the crowd.

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  • Smart cool info-graphics
    • This is PinUpp

      You know you are unique , now show it your way.

      Why PinUpp ?

      Here are the facts.


      of resumes received for jobs are discarded due to lack of creativity. With PinUpp impress with a smart infographic resume.


      of the world's workforce would be part of gig economy by 2020. Join PinUpp and be a part of the Gig revolution.


      of millennial job seekers use a mobile device to looks for a job. Do up a PinUpp anywhere and share with anyone.

      I now have multiple PinUpps ready to apply for various casual jobs, too easy - Aaron

      This is super cool, its like the instagram for resumes - Jimmy

      Great idea !! Gave the childcare a copy of my kid's PinUpp with relevant information and they find it very useful - Brenda

      Anything to tell us ?

      We are always open to hear from you. Just reach out if you have any suggestions, ideas or queries. We will be happy to help.